James Gilchrist with Linarol Consort of Viols

Location: St Mary's Church, Luton LU1 3JF




James Gilchrist

This concert, based on the recently released disc, Inn Stetter Hut, is a programme of enchanting 16th Century song performed by one of its leading exponents and authentically accompanied on copies of the earliest surviving viol. Love in all its various forms (unrequited, romantic and lascivious mischief) is explored in these songs, written by leading musical figures working in the court of Maximilian I, the Holy Roman Emperor and richest man in the world. These creative artists included Heinrich Isaac, Paul Hofhaimer and Ludwig Senfl, one of the most prolific composers of German song and secular music of the period.

James Gilchrist and the Linarol Consort’s recording of this repertoire is the culmination of a project started by violist and musicologist David Hatcher. Over a decade ago now he began transcribing the ‘Fugger’ manuscript (Ms. 18-810), a collection of delightful German, Flemish and French pieces from the early 16th Century.


You may wonder how this concert fits with our season’s theme of The Ties between Pupil & Teacher. Put quite simply violist Claire Horáček, a member of the Linarol Consort, is the daughter of my own beloved music teacher Tim Harrison, a man without whose influence my life as a musician would never have evolved. These subtle connections between the interwoven strands of the musical community are so reassuring and become ever more layered as each day passes – that seminal tie to one’s teachers in particular is for so many of us an irresistible force.

Richard Sisson (Programme Planner)


An evening of 16th Century German love songs

Transcribed from the ‘Fugger’ manuscript, the programme will be drawn from songs by leading musical figures from the court of Emperor Maximilian I – including Heinrich Isaac, Paul Hofhaimer and Ludwig Senfl. The concert will be introduced from the platform.


  • James Gilchrist (tenor)

  • David Hatcher
  • Timothy Lin
  • Alison Kinder
  • Claire Horáček


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